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It’s my life’s mission to find and empower entreprenurial women with the confidence and skills she needs so she can fully unleash her gifts.

Good Investment

“Anyone who is considering this, jump on in and do it! Such a good investment in yourself and your business. I was an epic waffler before doing this course. Now I can actually get to the point!”

Amanda Radovic -Director at Amanda’s Photography Melbourne

Done her workshop twice

“Kelly has taught me so much about being on video, goal setting and so much more. Have done her workshop twice, her 4 week program twice and am currently doing the 10 week.

Jo Allen – Director at Fittings by Jo

Thank you Kelly Petering for such a Fabulous Workshop!

“Even after only 5 hours sleep I have woken this morning feeling excited & energised for the possibilities & opportunities that feeling happier on camera & less afraid to tackle lives will bring.” 

Nicole Garnier – Director at Garnier Hypnotherapy & Beauty

Proven Success

Hear from past clients

“I had already started doing videos for my business on Social media. However, I’ve at times spent close to an hour trying to record the “perfect version” of what I wanted to say for a 2min video. This workshop has given me a structure to go by and the confidence to accept the fact that I can just be “me” with all my flaws in my videos. I need a lot of practice but that’s fine… I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to train in public speaking especially any business owner- coz nothing can humanise your brand than you yourself showing up for your audience.”

“Before the workshop I couldn’t get my message across succinctly. I was a terrible waffler and it was so frustrating as every video I made took so many takes! Kelly’s workshop gave me the tools and formula to cut to the chase and be much more engaging. Kelly made the experience fun and easy to understand. Now my videos are done so quickly, no more multiple takes, no more frustration and a clear message that is attracting more followers and potential clients.” You can find out more about Amanda Radovic here: www.headshotz.com.au

kelly’s story

It’s my mission to help you thrive!

There’s something incredibly beautiful and powerful about a female entrepreneur. By definition she is a woman of strength and courage.

Yet, sometimes there is an inner battle that inhibits her from fully stepping into her potential.

It’s my life’s mission to find and empower her with the confidence and skills she needs so she can fully unleash her gifts.

Because when we put our energy into the world without reservation, we are able to have a greater impact.

Believe it or not…

As a young girl, I was timid and constantly feared saying the ‘wrong thing’.

And although I knew it was something I needed to overcome, I had no idea how. I’d always been intrigued by character ~ all the qualities that make someone perfectly and utterly unique.

So this shy girl, determined to overcome this mental block, studied acting! It was a scary leap, but it was through my experiences on stage that I realised that confidence is a skill that you can learn.

It took a commitment to do the work ~ yes I was scared!

But its the kind of work that’s not only fulfilling but good for the soul. I found that I NEVER felt more alive that when facing my fears.

See, one of the greatest pains in life is that of an untold story. It’s your story that enables you to share with authenticity and ensures you’re able to build a solid foundation of trust with your audience.

EVERYTHING you need to succeed ALREADY lies within you!

Working in the buisness space, I see it all the time ~ there are so many people who are afraid of public speaking (in person or on video), and it interferes with their ability to really grow beyond trading time for moeny.

My own journey to find my voice was so transformative. And now, I combine my expereince in acting and performance with coaching and personal development ~ the outer and the inner ~ so that my students don’t have to learn the hard way or go it alone!

Don’t allow your fear to hold you back another day!


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