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improve your speaking skills... on camera or on stage with kelly petering in her book;

‘Speak with Confidence & Grow Your business’

are you read to take action…

And step in to your potential

If you’re here it’s likely you’re experiencing one of the following…

You’re a successful CEO or solopreneur who knows your potential far exceeds your current reality but there are circumstances beyond your control holding you back…


You’re currently in a place where you’re afraid to take that NEXT step in your entreprenuerial journey and TRULY be seen…

Either way, you need support. 

I mentor modern entrepreneurs so they can own their voice and scale their business through video marketing, presentations and public speaking…

Hello, I’m kelly!

I’m here to help you step Into The Spotlight

There is something incredibly powerful about the entrepreneurial journey. By definition it’s a path of strength and courage.

I work with CEOs, consultants and personal brands who;

  •  want to OWN their voice & share their message authentically
  • want to focus their energy & find their inner confidence
  • recognise resistance & are ready to CRUSH it
  • want to improve their online presence & INCREASE sales

My Charity Partner

We proudly support Just Peoples to achieve their vision of a world where no one lives in poverty.

By supporting us, you are helping us help Just Peoples to deliver grassroots projects that tackle some of the biggest challenges facing people around the globe through technology, healthcare and the empowerment of women.

Just Peoples believe that real, sustainable change only comes about when people are given the resources to lift their own communities out of poverty. That’s why all the Just Peoples projects we support are designed and delivered by incredible grassroots leaders who have a proven track record of implementing local solutions to the challenges facing their communities.

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How I can help you…

I want you to realise your POTENTIAL and take hold of what’s INSIDE you. 

I want you to fully EMBRACE all the things that make you UNIQUE and share them with CONFIDENCE.

I want you to feel FREE to share your story and INVITE opportunities for Growth.

I want you to be able to SCALE your Business so you can help MORE people and have MORE Freedom. 


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Learn how to speak with confidence and authenticity on stage or on camera.


‘Go Live & Rise”

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Prefer private sessions? With limited availability, I take on a small number of 1:1 coaching clients each month. 

meet kelly…

Create Your Own Opportunities

It’s my life’s mission to find and empower women who are ready to step into the spotlight with the confidence and skills she needs so she can fully unleash her gifts. 

Because when we put our energy into the world without reservation, we are able to have a greater impact.

Believe it or not…

As a young girl, I was timid and constantly feared saying the ‘wrong thing’. 

And although I knew it was something I needed to overcome, I had no idea how…


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