There comes a time in every project, business venture or big audacious goal – whatever it is that you are pushing yourself toward – where you lose motivation.

Sometimes it get’s to the point where you feel like you could simply throw your hands in the air and say ‘Pfff, what was I thinking… this is just TOO HARD!’

This feeling sucks.

I know, because I’ve been there. It feels like you’re a balloon at a kids party and you got in the way of pin the tail on the donkey…

You feel deflated.

I remember when I started thinking about putting together my first ‘lead magnet’ together. This is was about 8 years ago… and I had NO IDEA about online marketing or even the simplest thing when it comes to the world of tech.

I was a complete newbie. I signed up for VERY EXPENSIVE course after course… after course… after course… yes, that’s right, there were THAT many!

I was overwhelmed before I even got started!

And at that moment… when the going gets tough, it feels soooo easy to give in to that little voice in your head – that tells you it’s not really worth it… that little voice that is telling you to give up.

To let go of the dream.

I think this is why most people struggle to break the mould of ‘normal society’… it’s just easier to do what everyone else does… sit down at the end of the day and watch Netflix every night… rather than dive in to the unknown… break new ground or create your own path.

When we hear ourselves say things like “It’s TOO hard…” what we are really saying is… “It’s not worth it…” Because when we hear ourself say these words – it’s not that there isn’t a way through… or that it’s impossible… it’s simply that we are not willing to pay the price to make it happen.

The ‘It’s too hard basket’… is where dreams go to die.

But the thing is – there are always two sides to the coin.

The price you pay… and the end result.

Often what happens when we feel like ‘It’s too hard’… is that we have lost sight of the vision. We have lost sight of what it will be like when we get that end result.

If you don’t keep connecting with that vision and what it will feel like once you’re there… then it’s easy to lose the motivation.

When it comes to the price you pay, there are usually two options.

Time and/or money.

You gotta pay the price in one way or another to get where you want to go…

⏰ You can spend copious amounts of time (like I did) learning new skills, figuring it out along the way.


💰 You can pay for someone who has done it before to show you the way (I did this too, but not soon enough)

God I wish I took the second option sooner!

So, if you’ve been sitting on your hands for a while now, waiting, wishing and hoping that your business will gain traction and start moving… this may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

If you have a business already and you don’t have a list of people you can email regularly… this is for you…

If you haven’t yet got a process in place that makes sure you’ve got leads coming in consistently… this is for you…

I’ve put together a short workshop for busy mums in business who want to get their ‘lead machine’ up and running in 24 hours or less. It’s a system I’ve developed over time that is simple to understand and a lot easier to implement than others might have you believe.

If you follow the process – you COULD have your system up and running 24 hours after attending this workshop. Want to be clear; doing this workshop does NOT guarantee this… it takes some work on your part too… There is no magic pill to make this happen. You’ve got to take responsibility for the taking of the action… I can show you the pathway… then it’s up to you to put it in to practice!

Sunday 28th June 9am – 12pm

Tickets available here –