Wanna know a trick for living a better life?

Be more vulnerable. I’ve found that the degree to which you’re willing to be vulnerable is the degree to which you can grow in life.

That’s why I have a confession to make.

Last Thursday, as I was driving down the freeway alone, listening to the radio (something I rarely do these days, because, umm… podcasts anyone?)… something happened that hasn’t happened to me in a looooong time.

I had a breakdown… that’s right. Me. I. Had. A. Breakdown. 

Ok, so it wasn’t major or anything. But I definitely felt the heaviness of everything going on around the world. 

I got overwhelmed. 

I got scared. 

I panicked a little. Or a lot. 

I found myself in tears. 

Are we safe right now? 

What’s going to happen as people start to lose their jobs? 

How many people are going to be impacted by this pandemic? 

Too many thoughts of doom and gloom we running through my head. I wonder if you’ve experienced anything like this in the past few weeks? I’m gonna come out and say it… 

It’s OK. It’s completely normal to lose your shit in times like these! 

Whatever response you are experiencing right now is totally normal. 

Sometimes we simply need to let it out. I know that’s what it was like for me… because half an hour later I was back on the ball again ready to roll in a way that’s optimistic and ultimately resourceful. 

The problems start to arise when you’re STILL experiencing a fear based response for weeks or months on end. This is when it becomes a serious health threat for you. 

I wanted to share with you some of the thoughts that helped to pull me out of this ‘breakdown’. Because I’m sure there are many others out there struggling with how to respond to the current state of events. 

I asked myself 3 simple questions; 

1.What is most important to me right now? (Hint: it wasn’t toilet paper)

2. Who can I help through this? (focus on others, rather than me)

2. What value can I give right now? (focus on solutions, rather than problems)

It’s so easy to focus on ourselves right now. We slip back into the need to survive in times of crisis and uncertainty – that’s how our brains are designed to operate. 

So when we become aware that our unconscious mind is taking over, we MUST become mindful. This is how we begin to change our thinking. To get ourselves past overwhelm, anxiety and fear. 

Remember that YOU are in the drivers seat when it comes to how you respond to events. YOU get to choose what to focus on. 

What are you CHOOSING to focus on right now? 

Before I sign off, I wanted to share with you something I’m working on at the moment… I wasn’t going to tell you about it yet, but hey… with many people in ‘self isolation’ right now this is probably a good time (I’d much rather you be filled your brain with goodness rather than fear mongering content on social media!!!)

I was supposed to be running a LIVE event on Sunday, but alas, we have had to postpone… 

What I’ve done instead is move everything ONLINE for the time being – you can find out all the details here about the #inspireYOU ONLINE PROGRAM! 

Classes officially being on April 3rd, however, there is already some great content uploaded there and I will continue to upload powerful strategies to help us all through the uncertainty ahead until we launch!!

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