It’s golden… right?

How often, in this day and age do we have the opportunity to sit peacefully in complete silence. Simply sitting with our thoughts. Our ideas. Our feelings and emotions. To reflect on the lives we lead. To connect with the present moment.

For many people I would guess this is a rare occasion.

During my time at Gwinganna Yoga Retreat this week I experienced time in what they call the ‘Whisper room’… A space for reflection and gratitude in the spa area.

Overlooking the bush, sipping on calming herbal tea I pondered life.

It’s been a while since I’ve really stepped back and taken a break like this… A much needed break.

Do you find it easy to get caught up in the go, go, go of life?

I know I do. Between running businesses, looking after kids, organising the house, volunteering, playing sport… there is never really much time for stillness or silence.

And yet it is vital.

In my opinion, to create the space for ourselves.

If you’re anything like me, you might need a reminder from time to time to make this space for yourself. The ‘whisper room’ space. Creating equal time for Yin and Yang. Balancing work and play. Exercise and rest. Time for connecting with others and time alone.

Silence gives many benefits…

Not only do we become calmer and are able to live in the moment, we may also experience a decrease in muscle tension and lower stress or anxiety levels.

Creating space for silence is also beneficial for discovering our purpose, accessing creativity and boosts our intuition. It also brings clarity, in a world where our minds are constantly bombarded with information…

Looking for an opportunity to create this kind of space for yourself in 2020?

Myself and two other incredible practitioners are collaborating on a Half Day Wellness Workshop on Jan 5th in Melbourne.

Check out the details here – Wellness Workshops 2020