Have you ever thought about your own death?

Yes, it’s a morbid topic.

It’s something I’m sure many people consider from time to time… I mean, it’s part of life. There can be no life without death. No one is invincible.

It can be daunting to think about when our life may end.

Yet, instead of shying away from the topic in fear… the way I tend to think about death helps to push me forward in the direction that I truly want to go.

You see, I learnt an exercise some time ago that involves imagining your own funeral. And I mean really think about it…. Who do you imagine is attending, what are their responses, what is the general vibe, who is speaking about you in the eulogy…

Imagine what that person is saying about you. Do you like what they say? Would you prefer they are saying something different?

I challenge you to write down the eulogy you would love to hear at your own funeral.

Tell the story of the life you lived… especially focusing on the part of your life you are yet to ACTUALLY live.

Get really specific.

Describe the values you live your life by, who you spend your time with, what matters to you above all else. What are the causes you support? What fires you up and brings out your passion? Who inspires you and who do YOU inspire?

This will give great insight into the direction you want your life to go from here on in…

I’d love to hear your thoughts after you have completed this exercise.

Are you currently living your life as you would like it described by those around you?