Ever found yourself stressing out with so many things to do?! It’s so common when you’re in the early stages of business…

Especially when you’ve also got children running around as well – it can feel a whole lot more chaotic!

Here are my top 5 tools to take some of the stress out of life in business!


I use this app ALL the time! It’s such a great way to have access to your thoughts, ideas and lists WHEREVER you go. Also a wonderful tool for easily sharing notes! Evernote can also link up with IFTTT (If this, then that) automation tool – more of this app in another post!


Fiverr is my go to platform for finding experts. Anything from graphic design to video editing and transcription services. It’s well priced and a great way to outsource those time wasting tasks… so you can get to focusing on the more important things!


OMG – such a game changer, this one! Ok, so my spelling and grammar are not great at the best of times. This app takes away all the stress for me. When it comes to writing and editing blog posts or marketing copy simply copy/paste your text in this app and BOOM. It highlights the main issues for you. In particular when your sentences are too long and wordy! It’s also gives your writing a grade level – and for marketing we want to aim for a grade 3 – 4 level of comprehension.


If you’re not super tech-y but want to have control over your branding and content – this is for you! You can pretty much make any image or document look super professional and in line with your brand.


Another winning tool. Planoly allows you to schedule your Instagram posts, save hashtags. I love this tool because you can plan out content in advance and make your Instagram feed look AMAZING!!

Let us know in the comments what your favourite tools are to make biz life easier 🙂