Your life is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s.

I used to watch A LOT of TV…

There were days where I would watch episode after episode of whatever series I was in to at the time. 

I still occasionally have a day where I go through a few episodes like this… but it’s when I know I need some down time and to stop thinking. 

Before, though. I used TV as a means to escape. 

It was a way for me to forget who I was for a moment… and often, pretend I was someone else (usually the hero role). 

I did this because that’s who I wanted to be in my life. 

I really wanted to be the confident person who went out and did crazy stuff… who challenged the status quo. 

But I wasn’t.

I was far from it. In fact, I was shy as hell. 

You see, during this time for me, I was living vicariously through fictional characters. I was meeting my needs through someone else. Through a story. Not through my own life. 

We all have certain needs in life that must be met. The best explanation of this I have come across is Tony Robbins 6 Core Needs. 

The needs are; Certainty, Variety, Connection, Significance, Growth and Contribution.

We will meet these needs in one way or another no matter what. 

HOW we meet these needs, however, can be either in a way that is resourceful or un-resourceful. 

I was meeting my needs for certainty and variety through watching characters on TV. Because I hadn’t learnt yet how to meet them in a resourceful way. 

Now I know more. 

Rather than living someone else’s life. I’m daringly living my own. Meeting all my needs in a really resourceful way. 

I’ll give you a few examples;

The way I see it, we all have different ‘vehicles’ in life that we meet our needs through. For example, one ‘vehicle’ might be Motherhood. 

I’m a mum and I meet all the 6 core needs through being a mum. I meet these needs in a resourceful way on a really high level. 

My business is also another ‘vehicle’ for me to meet these needs. Again, I meet all 6 in a resourceful way in my business. 

I volunteer with the Ambulance and it serves as another of my vehicles for meeting these needs. Each need is met in a way that is fulfilling for me. 

There are more, but I think you get the point, right?

Does that make sense?

Back when I was living my life through TV, I was meeting the need for Certainty and Variety in an un-resourceful way because it meant I wasn’t moving myself forward. 

I’m curious to know what your vehicles are for meeting these needs in a resourceful way. 

If you can identify at least 5 vehicles in your life that you meet all your needs resourcefully through, your on the right track! 

If not, it’s time to find some wheels! 

A great way to start, if you’re feeling that you are lacking in vehicles is to start volunteering for an organisation. It will build up your confidence in a number of areas. It might be helping out at an Op Shop once a week or joining a community group. Maybe you’re into sport and you choose to help out a local sporting club. 

The possibilities are endless. 

If you would like some more clarity around the 6 core needs write a comment below with your questions! 

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