Quit. Give Up. Succeed… OR Do you suffer from the dreaded ‘Someday-itis’?!

It a disease many will have experienced at one time or another.

A phase where you are so clear on what it is you want… yet there is ‘something’ standing in your way.

Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s uncertainty.

This is normal.

Everyone experiences these feelings. It’s a natural part of life.

But what happens when these things hold us back from what we want to achieve? We continuously put off taking action on the things that will move us forward in the right direction. We say we’ll get to in ‘someday’. Someday when I’m _______ (not so tired, have more money, thinner etc).

We make up excuses that seem SO believable to ourselves – because that’s who we need to convince. This does not affect anyone else.

How to move beyond ‘Someday-itis’

  1. Are your excuses REAL or not?

This is the first step. Identify if the story you’re telling yourself is actually true or not. Do you genuinely thing it’s best to wait for a better time? There are a few occasions where putting off taking action may be beneficial for you. However, in most cases… the story we tell ourselves is simple that. A story. An excuse. A way out. Acknowledge if this is so, and move on.

If your story or excuse is around not having enough confidence, here’s the thing; it’s NOT REAL. It’s a made up story in your mind. This can be hard to hear (trust me I’ve been there)… because not having the confidence feels SO REAL. ‘Someday-itis’ is dragging you down even more! It’s like punching yourself in the face! Stop doing it!

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2. Connect with WHY you want the goal.

Knowing why you want what you want can clear a huge amount of space for action. When we understand the highest purpose of what we want to achieve, we start to see a clear path to make it happen.

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsch

Does it align with your values? Do you know what your values are? Getting clear on what you value will help create a congruency that propels you forward.

3. Make a list of action steps.

Flesh out exactly the steps you will need to take to get where you want to go. I mean every detail… as much as you can. Often, when we are staring at this huge goal in front of us and we become overwhelmed.

Because there is SOOOOO much to do.

But when we break it down in to manageable, bit sized chunks of action, it seems much more achievable. A hint to me that I havn’t done this well is… If I have an item on my to do list for more than a few days, it’s not small enough for me to complete in that time frame. I need to chunk it down further!

4. Make a commitment to yourself and someone else you trust.

When you make a commitment to see something through you are more likely to be successful.

It can help to have someone else to keep you accountable. Someone who you trust and is on a similar path to you.

The word ‘commit’ is a powerful word. Much more powerful than ‘I want that…’ or ‘I’m going to do that’… Choose to commit.

Make the decision now, to commit to whatever it is you have been putting off.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I invite you to make a commitment to me personally via email. I love helping people succeed!

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